We have kind of big news.

I reserved this blog address in OCTOBER. It’s March. I guess I have been looking for some super captivating, eloquent way of letting you know that…

We are adopting.

From China.

And, oh, are we excited!

We hope you’ll follow us on this journey. Check in on us. Pray for us. We’d love to have you along for the ride!


8 thoughts on “We have kind of big news.

  1. Hooray!!!!! That’s so wonderful!!! We are so happy for your whole family and can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Love and prayers,
    Emily, Scot, Cody, and Baby Olivia Lange

  2. Yay Huebners!!!!! :). HUGE smile on my face right now!!!!! There is one sweet little girl in China who is going to get the blessing of a lifetime!!! And somehow, knowing you guys, there’s also going to be an absolutely PRECIOUS family in Kansas enjoying the blessing of a lifetime also. Hugs to you all!!! 🙂

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