Ready, set…dossier!

Today we begin collecting and updating documents for our dossier. (Lisa’s definition: Every document imaginable to be sent to China to prove we are financially, medically and psychologically fit to adopt). Our agency requires a trial run of sorts as the second phase of the application process so we spent 5-6 weeks in the fall compiling documents.  Hopefully this will help the dossier process to go smoothly.

When I told our oldest that I was starting a blog about our adoption and asked what I should tell people, she said,

“Adoption is not just work. It’s happiness!”

A good reminder!



4 thoughts on “Ready, set…dossier!

  1. hey, are you planning to put a chip in or a pay pal on your blog? you should. also, i want you to print tshirts with that picture that is on your header. and i will buy one for every family member of mine. and maybe some friends too. also i am finally finishing a friend’s fabric book so i can start on the adoption fabric book, so i can sell them crazily to folks all over and make loads of money to help fund your crazy ride. and i watched the story or something or other about timothy green tonight and if there hadn’t been a visitor in our home, i would have bawled like a baby. we had planned to watch the passion but we just didn’t have it in us tonight. and then we went a chose that one! have you seen it? i’d imagine you would bawl throughout. . .

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