Of Police Departments and Good Friday


This morning the hubs and I went to our local police department to obtain letters stating that neither of us has a criminal record. I was sort of dreading this task, anticipating a little bit of headache given that perhaps they don’t many requests like these (and because I was going to have to ask them to print it on department letterhead, type our full legal names, sign and notarize the letters, ensure that the notary’s commission wouldn’t expire in the next 9 months, etc., etc.). It turned out to be no big deal at all. They had it finished in about 10 minutes and we were on our way. Another baby step.

When I got home I put a cartoon on for the munchkin and pulled out my bible to read the account of Jesus’ last days on earth. It gets me every time. His humility, his humanity, his obedience. A perfect life offered willingly for hearts (mine included) that would turn away from Him again and again. I will never get over it.

Unspeakably grateful today for His death…and His victory over it…that I could have “No Record” forever stamped on my soul.


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