My April self is ever-so-grateful to my November self! All that work we did for the second part of the application for our agency in the Fall made the dossier process a piece of cake! We received instructions for our dossier on Monday, March 25 and had all the documents in place and ready to mail one week later. The documents should arrive at our agency today. Even though our part is done, our dossier can’t be mailed to China for awhile. We are still waiting for final approval of our home study. Once we have the completed home study, we can mail off our I-800A application (Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Hague Convention Country). Then comes fingerprinting with Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once our fingerprints clear and our I-800A application is approved,  then our agency can mail our dossier. It will likely be a couple more months. This is the part where we get really good at used to waiting. In the meantime, we’ll see how many cheesy photos we can amass of our eager anticipation :).




4 thoughts on “Dossier…BOOM!

    • One BIG step closer!! Praying for all of you, and the little one waiting in China, as you continue your journey!

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