The Best Excuse Ever to Buy Rusty Buckets

I have several adoption updates! And today I am going to give you…none of those. I have another pressing commitment that requires me to have my hands in spray paint and hot glue and piles and piles of your grandma’s cast-off fabrics. Until Saturday. Then I’ll load you up on adoption news.

In the meantime…those of you who know me well (and have been in my house) know I love all things junky/vintage/repurposed. Something decorative in my home is infinitely more likely to have been pulled from behind a 30 year old Tupperware at Goodwill than purchased new at…well, anywhere. A couple of summers ago, my family and I walked into the condo we were staying in for the week. My brother-in-law commented about a gas station sign that was hanging over the doorway. My mom remarked, “Lisa will love it. It’s OLD.” Jason teases me that I will drive for hours, dig through dust and trash and then PAY for “rusty buckets”. Six days a week I drag my sleepy bones out of bed with the effort of Big Brutus (Hey, SEK!). Saturdays? I spring out of bed, purse/garage sale list/banana in hand and thrill in my heart like a 6:30 a.m. rockstar.

Needless to say, when I heard about an event to be held this summer called Vintage Treasure Market, I was a thousand times in. A day devoted to bringing people to Emporia to buy junk? A deadline for wrapping up my ever-growing “pile it in the basement and get to it someday projects”? A chance to raise funds for this journey of love we are on to our precious little one? YES!

Somewhere along the way, I convinced three women more talented than me (And taller! For real!) to join. These three paved the way for me in preparing my husband to live in a state of eternal craftiness. My mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law have spent collective weeks this summer creating more beauty than I could shake a stick at and they are donating it all to the HBF! (that’s Huebner Baby Fund). We have been texting each other photos for weeks as we cross projects off our lists and I am pumped to see it all in one location when they roll into town Friday. So, so grateful to these ladies for their hard work and giant hearts.

Here’s a sneak peek…



If you are in the area on Saturday, come by Flinthills Mall between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. I’ve seen a little snapshot of some of the other vendors and it’s going to be GREAT! I guarantee lots of rusty buckets.


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