Drumroll, please…

We finally have a name!

He is Samuel Yi Pei Huebner. Sammy for short.

We were just starting to talk about “Samuel” and up popped a text from my mother-in-law: “What about Samuel?” How does she KNOW these things?? Then, a morning last week I whispered a little prayer that God would help us all agree on a name that was right for our son. I sat down at my desk a couple of hours later and glanced at a print a dear friend gave me at the beginning of our adoption journey,

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.” 1 Samuel 1:27.

Yes. Yes He has. Samuel it is.

In other news…


Mercy sakes. I have said before that if you are looking to have your life turned inside out and upside down and scrutinized from every angle…try international adoption. Let me add: If you want to feel overwhelming support and blessing and absolutely ridiculous generosity from your people near and far…try international adoption. I hesitate to even share because I’m sure I’ll miss something, but let me try:

  • Precious heartfelt cards from former Challenge students and old family friends with gifts for our adoption tucked inside.
  • A little blanket “just the right size to snuggle with on the plane”
  • Gift cards for “Yi Pei’s new wardrobe”
  • A necklace lovingly fashioned to represent my new role as a mother of three
  • Teddy bears and toys and diapers and our very first Tonka truck
  • A Shanghai travel guide
  • A framed picture of our boy with Proverbs 13:12 printed on it: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”
  • Another handmade quilt by my super-spy friends who peeked at the little things I have been collecting for his room and came up with the perfect colors and patterns.

 By the end of our Yuletide celebrations, I was speechless. One evening Annalie and I carried Samuel’s loot to his room, she said,

 “He sure has a lot of love coming his way.”

 That is the truth. So. Much. Love. We are surrounded by the very best people.


 A quick update on our process:

We’re working away on visa applications, grant applications and I’m still dodging the health center where I should be getting my Hepatitis vaccines. We’re cramming the last of our online education hours. We’re reading travel guidelines and packing guidelines and generally have brains filled to overflowing. If pregnancy brain was like a fog, adoption brain is like a black cloak. If you are counting on me for anything in the next couple of months, just…don’t. It’s risky business. I will forget to call you to tell you lunch is at my house, not the house 5 miles in the opposite direction. I’ll forget to feed your dogs. I might even forget to feed my children. If I do remember to start dinner, I’ll toss a pound of frozen ground beef in the in the microwave wrapped in tin foil. Hypothetically.


4 thoughts on “Drumroll, please…

  1. Perfect name. Cute little Sammy.
    I had a dream that we talked and I told you to let me know if you need any boy stuff…toys, clothes, etc. DO let me know 🙂 I’m sure you’ve got lots of hook-ups though!

  2. Can I add Sammy to the 12th Ave. Baby Watch Board for 2014? Don’t need a definite arrival date, we’ll just post Sammy for Spring 2014.

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