While We Wait…Celebrate!

First of all…THANK YOU! Holy smokes, we sold more than ONE HUNDRED t-shirts! Awesome, awesome. We are grateful to each of you for your joining us in brining our Sammy home. It was so fun to see the orders roll in…friends and family near and far, even friends of friends we don’t know personally. SO grateful!

Next up, some good news. Those weeks of filling out grant applications paid off! We were notified two weeks ago that we received a grant from the JSC Foundation! We are so very grateful for this wonderful organization and all that they do to support adoption and unite orphans with their forever families. ALSO: the sweet lady that I communicated with at the foundation throughout our application process just returned from Shanghai in November. Her daughter was in the same orphanage as Samuel! I was so excited to make this connection.

It looks like we could be getting on a plane in as soon as one month! We applied for Samuel’s visa in mid-February and our Article 5 letter was issued on February 25. Our letter was immediately sent to the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption). Now we wait for the CCCWA to issue our travel clearance, which could happen anytime between tomorrow and March 18! Once we have clearance, we will set our travel dates. We are almost there!

In the meantime, we’ve been doing a LOT of celebrating around here. First, we celebrated six years of this little doll. So grateful for her sweetness and spunk.


Next up…Samuel’s second birthday. It was a sweet day. Some of my dear friends took me to lunch (Chinese, of course!) and showered me with sweet gifts. A hat for Sammy (see Curious George below) and a necklace for mom. Oh, these girls. Image

An adoptive mom friend shared a suggestion to have a stuffed animal “stand in” for Sammy as we celebrated his birthday so he could see pictures later us celebrating him before he was home. Jason picked out this Curious George when I was pregnant with our oldest and he has received lots of love over the years. He seemed the obvious candidate.


Another family selfie while we wait for our four to become five.


Then, the Chinese New Year on January 31! We were invited to join several other families to celebrate. What a fun group…and what a gift to have this awesome little network.


Next up, NINE! So hard to believe. Such a lovely young lady, inside and out.


THREE birthdays and a new year in four weeks beginning three weeks after Christmas! Whew!



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