First Day in Shanghai

In a short 12 hours we will be meeting our Samuel. His bag is packed – bubbles, suckers, books, strawberry puffs, finger puppets – anything to redirect him from the sheer panic that is sure to overtake him as he’s placed in our arms. I have dreamt of the moment that I would stand in a government building and watch as a caregiver carries him through the doorway. My heart leaps every time my mind drifts there. So very soon we will cross over from the anticipating to the doing.

Today was so great and so full! This morning we had an awesome breakfast at the hotel and then met our guide, Kevin. Here he is waiting for us to come through customs at the airport yesterday. He’s great…just our kind of guide. Funny, laid-back and tells us where to find deals.


Kevin took us to the bank to exchange our money and then to buy a phone. After our errands, we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower.


We took an elevator up to the sightseeing floor (863 feet) for a view of Shanghai. Next we went to an area with a glass floor. There was a little boy screaming and running away and a father trying to convince him it was okay to walk out on the glass. I felt the same way, little dude, but I feigned bravery for a photo.


After the Pearl Tower, we headed to Old Shanghai where we had an amazing lunch of dim sum and Shanghai’s famous dumplings. After lunch we visited Yu Garden, which was my favorite stop of the day. Kevin assured us that couples who take a photo together in front of this incredibly rare stone will be together forever. 🙂


From there we headed to the Jade Buddha Temple. Kevin used to be a tour guide so he has been a very informative host. After a quick (or not so quick if you ask Jason) trip to a silk market for some shopping, we headed back to the hotel just long enough to freshen up.

Tonight we met our sweet friend Li Qian and her family for dinner. Hot pot! Li Qian was a student at ESU several years ago. We had such a nice evening together.


Signing off for now. Tomorrow this crib will have our son in it!!



2 thoughts on “First Day in Shanghai

  1. It sounds like a good getaway for a couple embarking on a crazy-cool adventure 🙂
    So glad you got to meet with Li Qian!! How cool.
    Can’t wait to ‘meet’ Sammy and then to ACTUALLY MEET HIM!!!!
    SO So so beyond excited right now.

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