It’s Official

It has been a busy Tuesday in Shanghai! Our little man woke up at 6:00 after sleeping 10 straight hours! Woo hoo! We had breakfast at the hotel and then skyped with the big sisters. Kevin picked us up at 8:30. When we met him in the lobby, he said “I have bad news. Our driver can’t come today. We will have to take a taxi.”

“No problem! An adventure!” Said the gullible Americans.

“Happy April Fools!”

Well played, Kevin 🙂

Our first stop was the Marriage & Adoption Registration center to finalize the adoption. We had our first family photo taken here.


Next we met with a registration officer who asked us a few questions about why we wanted to adopt a child and our plans for his education and medical treatment, then we were taken to a room where we posed for another photo with our adoption certificate. Apparently the getting-a-toddler-out-the-door routine knocked us off our media A game. Our camera battery died right then and we had forgotten the backup. We’ll see if our friend the registration officer emails us a copy. I did, however, snag a photo of Sammy in his fox hat while we waited!


Next we went to the notarization center for a few more questions, signatures and – naturally – meeting with a notary. The notary quickly discovered that my passport number was wrong on the adoption certificate. I suppose I should have become nervous at that point but I was busy trying to keep Sammy from slamming his cars onto the beautiful glass table. Kevin, the notary, and the worker from the welfare center quickly devised a plan. Another family who was still at their first appointment would bring our corrected form to the notary, we would take the incorrect form back to the registration center tomorrow and pick up the new one Friday when we go back for another document. Whew! Thanks, gang!

From there we headed to lunch and then to Century Mart to buy gifts for the children to take to the orphanage tomorrow. This afternoon included a nap and much block stacking. After not such a kid-friendly lunch experience, we decided to go for easy and walked to KFC. Thanks, Park family, for sharing your carrier! It has been a big help.


 KFC was a hit with the little man. Here is what we’ve learned about his tastes so far:

Steamed bun, yes.
Noodles, yes.
Rice, yes.
Beef, yes.
Applesauce, yes.
Peaches, yes.
Fruit puffs, as fast as he can shovel them.
Oreos, yes.
Chocolate, faster please.
Chicken, yes.
French fries, mostly good for putting in container and taking back out again. And for dropping on the floor.
Ketchup, not on your life.


 Please pray for our visit to the orphanage tomorrow. We know it is immeasurably valuable to have the opportunity to see his orphanage and speak with his caretakers but also know it may be rough on Sammy.


2 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. There is basically nothing better than carrying your baby close to your heart 🙂 Good call on the carrier!
    Looks like instant, beautiful, connection to me 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing every step. I’m praying for your visit to the orphanage.

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