It’s Our Weekiversary!


Monday marked one week with our sweet boy. It is absolutely astounding where we are now compared to where we were a week ago.

Last Monday, Samuel was bundled tightly in three layers of clothes and would not even let us unzip his coat or slip off his shoes when it was time to sleep. This Monday he began the day streaking around the room in just a diaper and refuses to wear socks at all. Ever. (Although the brown loafers are still a necessity. Even to sleep usually.)

Last Monday he would not move from where he was placed, even to retrieve a toy a few inches from him. He would point and grunt when he wanted something that was out of his reach. This Monday, he ran approximately 37 miles around the zoo.

Last Monday he was so exhausted and timid, he peacefully drifted off to sleep with no coaxing at both nap time and bedtime. This Monday, it took me all but standing on my head to get the boy to sleep. Sammy’s motto: Must. Keep. Moving!

Last Monday we wondered what they could have possibly meant in his referral paperwork when they described this meek, gentle boy as “restless”. HA! It’s no longer a mystery!

Last Monday we were two strangers trying our very best to help a little boy understand that we would keep him safe and take care of his needs. This Monday we are already feeling very much like a family. (Or at least part of a family, counting the moments until we are reunited with those giggly brown haired girls on the other side of the pond).

We spent our afternoon with the other Dillon families exploring a zoo called Safari Park.


It was so neat! The first part of the visit was called “Safari on Wheels” and we all piled in a trolley and were driven through all kinds of animal exhibits. Sammy was SO excited.



One has to “Be carefully slip” when the sidewalk at the zoo is wet!


The next part of the tour is called “Safari by foot” where, you guessed it! We walked. A lot. We saw all kinds of neat creatures…pandas, koalas, golden oxen, meerkats, white tigers. I’ll spare you the photos. You get the idea 🙂

We were all tuckered out after that adventure so Sammy and I went back to the room while daddy wandered around the neighborhood and found a little restaurant and brought back amazingness in styrofoam containers. I hope he can find it again. I think it was one of my favorite meals since we’ve been here!


One thought on “It’s Our Weekiversary!

  1. I love Sammy’s ‘what is wrong with my mama?’ look in your ‘slippery’ picture. He already understands your fail at humor 😉 Just kidding. Cute picture. 🙂

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