365 days

One year ago at this moment, we were riding in a van through Shanghai traffic to meet our Samuel. I was a nervous wreck.

The morning had begun early. So much time to kill. Breakfast downstairs. A prayer of gratitude on my knees on the bathroom floor of our hotel (gross).

I will never forget the moment we first laid eyes on him. We had gone to the Marriage and Adoption Center and were waiting in a room with two other families. They took us down the hall one at a time to pay a fee. As we were walking back to the conference room, we heard,

“Han Yi Pei! Han Yi Pei!”

Out of a side room toddled the tiny delicate figure in the pictures I had been studying for the last four months. Seeing him there—feet from me—took my breath away. We knelt down. He froze. His tiny shoulders heaved up and down with nervous sighs. He was terrified and so were we. We reached out gently to take his hand. Our guide was whispering encouragement to us “More touch. Keep talking to him.” Oh my. That moment.

stuffed animal

So this is the anniversary of our Gotcha Day. Forever Family Day. Whatever you call it, it is beautifully etched in my mind. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of our Samuel Yi Pei. Our spark plug and rascal prince.















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